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Our society is experiencing an exciting revolution in transportation consciousness. Over the past two centuries the public has become increasingly aware of the ongoing energy crisis and the impact our lifestyles have on finite natural systems. We are overwhelming the environments that sustain us and communities are demanding change. With this in mind, we plan to participate in the current effort to redesign the methods and systems of transport utilized in the United States.

We are collaborating on a thesis project in vehicle design at Hampshire College. We are students of design, engineering, and fabrication. The inspiration for this project comes from our love of bicycles and desire to positively impact the world around us. Transportation is a significant part of our lives. We ride to commute, to compete, and to enjoy. We recognize that the intense resource demands of current transportation technologies are a significant issue and must be addressed in order to facilitate the establishment of sustainable systems within our society.

The goal of this project is to engage with the process of vehicle design and learn what it means to develop a transportation technology. We've spent our time in school learning to observe our environment, analyze information, and produce solutions based on our conclusions. We're approaching this project by first framing a question to guide our observations: can we design and manufacture an 'alternative' vehicle that satisfies commuter requirements, efficiently utilizes non-petrol based energy, and delivers an exciting and engaging user experience?








The Team: